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Open Pitch Letter to Managers, Agents, and Production Companies,

Having delved into the harrowing history of Unit 731 and its impact, as showcased in my documentary "Black Hearts" on Amazon Prime Video, I was compelled to craft a narrative that pays homage to the resilience and bravery of those who endured the horrors of World War II. Thus, I present to you "Guests of the Emperor," a feature film that draws from the authentic accounts of POWs housed in the Library of Congress and is reminiscent of historical war dramas like “Unbroken" and “The Bridge on River Kwai.”

Our protagonist, an inexperienced engineering officer thrust into the chaos of war, undergoes a profound transformation as he navigates the treacherous landscape of Japanese-created POW camps. Guided by a seasoned British Army Major and buoyed by the unwavering support of courageous Chinese prisoners, our hero embarks on a journey of survival, defiance, and hope. Their tale unfolds against the backdrop of the Philippines' fall to the Japanese forces, leading to their capture and the cruel Bataan Death March to the slow extermination at Cabanatuan POW camp. Our hero and mentor’s ordeal continues aboard a dreaded "Hell Ship" stuck in a cargo hold of vomit and feces where soldiers die inhumanly until they land in Korea to be jammed abound trains headed toward the unforgiving frozen terrain of Manchuria to the last POW camp.

As the atrocities of Unit 731 of human biological experimentations come to light, our protagonist finds his resolve tested, igniting a rebellion fueled by a desire for justice and liberation. With the assistance of his comrades, our hero orchestrates daring escapes and executes acts of sabotage, striking blows against their oppressors and reclaiming their dignity in the face of adversity.

This story will appeal to men (ages 25-39) interested in WWII historical dramas, shocking POW experiences, defiant determination to survive, and lessons on the futility of war. While the title and source materials are in the public domain, the plot weaves an original narrative grounded in historical facts, and with creative license brings characters to life and condenses the timeline for dramatic effect. 

Currently, we have created a low-cost budget in collaboration with Hengdian World Studios and Movie Town Haikou in China, with distribution secured through Hengdian Film's extensive cineplex theater chain. We are seeking to propel our vision forward, leveraging both Chinese distribution channels, lucrative tax incentives, and substantial cost savings from experienced production crews and background cast along with authentic period sets, props, and wardrobes plus insider access to the China distribution market. 

Currently, we need to attach top Asian actors (Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) for lead and supporting roles to take us to the next level of attracting equity funding and/or streamer, studio interest. 

I am eager to delve deeper into this opportunity and discuss how we can bring "Guests of the Emperor" to life.


Warm regards,


Douglas Ross

Producer, Writer

Wang-Ross Communications

Producers Guild of America - AAPI Working Group


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