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Black Hearts on AmazonPrime

The documentary Blacks Hearts is now available for viewers on AmazonPrime. This history documentary reveals the lasting moral, historical and political effects of the infamous and secretive biological, chemical warfare research during WWII by the Japanese at Unit 731 in China and the inhumane treatment of American and Allied POW's at Mukden Camp. The 1-hour history documentary celebrates the heroism of U.S. soldiers at the Japanese Mukden POW camp in Manchuria (now China) where they endured inhumane treatment as forced laborers in a munitions factory. The Imperial Japanese Army created Unit 731, a biological, chemical warfare research and development unit that killed over 15,000 prisoners and 500,000 Chinese civilians. Groups and individuals like Gen. Shiro Ishii responsible for crimes against humanity are exposed while the survivors, their relatives and activists quest for justice and accountability are given voice.

The story begins with the Japanese invasion of China, their attack on Pearl Harbor, American surrender in the Philippines, Hellships to China, Mukden incarceration, Unit 731 bio-warfare genocide, atomic bomb on Hiroshimi, surrender on the USS Missouri then war crimes immunity for Japanese and abandonment of U.S. war veterans.

Individual Japanese doctors who participated in the Unit 731 atrocities are recruited to work for the USA bio warfare research at Ft. Detrick, MD, U.S. pharmaceutical corporations and American universities. The surviving Mukden POWs are ordered to silence their war time activities but later attempt to contact Congress, many Presidents, DoD and government of Japan for compensation and medical treatment. Declassified documents from the National Archive and Records Administration. Interviews with military and academic historians, authors, researchers and veteran's relatives provide factual narrative. The link between Mukden POW Camp, Unit 731 and the U.S. government is exposed.

Starring: Linda Goetz Holmes, Author, Guests of the Emperor; Li Lishui, Mukden Camp Survivor; Robert D. Mosendahl, Mukden Camp Survivor; Gao Jian, Shenyang Allied POW Camp Historical Museum and more.

Produced by Doug Ross of Wang-Ross Communications, Washington, DC. More info at

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