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Today, 127.59 million households across the United States are in harm's way of the inevitable environmental damage from floodwaters, wind storms, annual hurricanes, decade-long droughts, stronger tornadoes, frequent firestorms, blizzard snowfall, and potential landslides caused by climate change. Everyone will most certainly need to adapt to these hazards by acquiring the information, technology, products, and services that Whole Earth Tools has vetted and recommends on the Website. Their only alternative is to spend valuable time online researching and contacting thousands of businesses to compare the cost, effectiveness, and availability of products and services that Whole Earth Tools researchers have already completed to assist them. 

The potential is unlimited for Whole Earth Tools to become the essential site for climate crisis solutions with individuals, homeowners, property owners, businesses, and the “DYI” culture as the site grows with the participation of members, small businesses, and anchor sponsors with products and services. The future of the Whole Earth Tools catalog has the potential to feature informative videos, interviews with experts, community boards, job, and business start-ups, and a resource for the public.

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