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Magic WikiWiki Trolley

An orphaned teen sent to live with his uncle struggles to find acceptance and purpose before he awakens a derelict trolley with supernatural powers that unites his extended family but divides their community.

Tombstone Lake

The eerie true tale of a young man seeking to reconcile his late brother's death leads him to develop paranormal powers and confront ghostly spirits vying for his soul who reveal a joyous secret and his destiny.

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Allied soldiers and Chinese prisoners must survive a death march, a hellish ship voyage, and an inhumane Japanese POW camp in China then once freed are betrayed and silenced by their leaders.

The Great Wall of China

To save China from self-destruction, a doctor becomes a revolutionist against the corrupt Qing dynasty, even if it means losing everything and everyone he loves. Based on the extraordinary life of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Wong Chin Foo

American Gilded Age activist Wong Chin Foo • a famous speaker and prolific writer in the mainstream press - champions citizenship and equality as anti-Asian bigotry culminates in the

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and forges a path for today's Asian American to declare their rightful

place in a "more perfect union" and reclaim whitewashed history.

Seeking USA/China Film Co-Pros

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